Neither Should You.

Correct Way Handyman started in 2008 after seeing a need for handyman services in the area and a need for commercial services by national management companies. Serving the Greater Columbus Area, we strive to give you the best experience and workmanship possible. We want to change the stale taste folks have about contractors and let our community know there are still good tradesmen dedicated to the work.

Correct Way Handyman is a business and a passion, not just a hobby to make a few extra bucks. When working with us, you can expect attention to detail, cleanliness, and professionalism—every time.

While we do almost everything, we do not do roofing, installation of windows, foundation work, exterior whole house painting, build entire fences. We do, however, repair almost all those areas mentioned above. We pride ourselves on only doing what we are efficient at, therefore do not take on jobs we know we cannot satisfy in a timely manner. We do not sub out work to other contractors as we set high standards that most cannot meet. Any project that requires thinking outside the box is where we really shine!

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer has owned and operated Correct Way Handyman for 15 years. After working for two major home builders in the Columbus, OH area – Chris ventured out on his own in 2005 and opened Central Ohio Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Chris takes great pride in his work.

Married with two kids, Chris understands the importance of quality work in the home. When he isn’t working, he enjoys drag racing and spending time with family and friends.